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Maple Butcher Block
Butcher Block
Maple Chopping Block

"The Big Block" Large Maple End Grain Chopping Block

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"The Big Block" Large Maple Butcher Block


The Big Block is our signature series of hard maple butcher blocks. Constructed of locally sourced North American hard maple, these are built to last many lifetimes. Perfect for restaurants, professional chefs and anyone looking for a block that can put up with lots and lots of use. Makes an excellent gift as well. If you would like one personalized, send us an email!

Made by a father and son team in Ohio, USA




  • Solid hard maple construction for the highest durability and sanitary needs
  • Routered finger holds on each end to make it easy to pick up and move
  • 4 rubber anti-skid feet with stainless steel screws to prevent movement during use
  • Pre-finished with a premium food-grade mineral oil and beeswax finish


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Butcher Block
Maple Chopping Block