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Cutting Block
Cutting Board
Butcher Block

Large Hard Rock Maple Edge Grain Cutting Board

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Large Edge Grain Maple Cutting Board

This is a premium American Hard "rock" Maple Edge Grain Cutting Board. This cutting block is very durable while still offering simple beauty with its distinctive grain patterns. This cutting board is built to last a lifetime, just like any of our boards. Maple can make some of the best butcher block cutting boards available.


  • Four no-skid rubber feet on the bottom to ensure no sliding during use like you commonly experience with standard filleting boards
  • A beeswax and mineral oil sealer applied to every board to ensure no penetration of liquids
  • Handles cut into each end for easy moving and lifting


Butcher block cutting boards are a timeless item because of there durability and beauty. A beautiful cutting board can add a lot to a kitchen space.  

Cutting Board
Butcher Block